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Using a combination of Illustrative works, Technial Animation and Game Engine Pipelines,  Moving Marvels is an Augmented Reality Art & Storytelling collection created by Australian Artist, Marc-O-Matic. The collection provides a benchmark and creative take on Augmented Reality, fusing traditional art mediums and animation to demonstrate the applications AR has for creative expression and storytelling when combined with existing physical print material. 

Illustrative Works
Each AR Artwork is a combination of Ink Illustrated Art, Ink wash, 3D Modeling and Animation. 

Augmented Reality 
Through audiences mobile phones or tablets, viewers are able to bring the artworks to life right in front of them. As the artworks take full 3D form, audiences are invited to move around the art to explore hidden details. 


Exploring the realms of Augmented Reality technology I understand that its applications don't just belong to Tech Industries or Video Games. The technology alone offers up so much more, allowing Artists and Storytellers to communicate their ideas to their audience on a more intimate and engaging level.

Melbourne Knowledge Week
Melbourne State Library

As a featured Artist of Melbourne Knowledge Week I showcased and demonstrated a series of Art and Storytelling works that come alive through Mixed Reality technologies. The aim was to encourage a dialogue between creators from all manners of backgrounds and to encourage a new generation of Artists to embrace AR and VR tech in their work.

Earlier Artwork Experiments
Developed with Unity 3D, Oculus SDK and accessible via Gear VR or any alternative headset, viewers are taken on a journey to see a glimpse of the Junk Age. 

'Rememberence of the Seas Turtles'

'Lady Earl Grey and the Cat Sentinel'

'Tea Bombardier'

'Baby Play Suit'

Privacy Policy

Moving Marvels developed under Artist 'Marc-O-Matic' utilises Unity 3D Game Engine technology to produce Augmented Reality Activated Artworks. Dependent on user mobile device operating systems, ARkit or ARcore are used for the AR Activations. Moving Marvels requires camera permissions on devices in order to function correctly. 

The Unity 3D Privacy Policy has been provided below:

Augmented Reality Functionality
Prototype build, 'Moving Marvels' is an Augmented Reality application that enables users to reveal additional animated content via selected illustrated works. Functionality requires permissions access to a mobile device's rear camera and to map out projections. No personal information or account details are required to access this feature nor is any data of the user stored. 'Moving Marvels' is a utility which does not does not sell, give, or trade the statistics they store to any 3rd parties for data-mining or marketing purposes.

Effective 15/03/2017 

Article Updated 15/11/2018

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