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'Never underestimate the power of the imagination. A mere idea can crumble walls, build cities and bring forth creatures society has never before witnessed. But remember, what we express from our minds may affect the minds of others.' 
- Anon Inkomin

Initial character cast
QUILL. The Animated Minds 

Forgetting how many scribbles I've made for this idea I decided to finally document it all here! The story about a specialized Ink that grants artists the ability to turn figments of the mind into real life projected objects follows the tales of brothers, Tweaker and Brick who stumble upon a hidden academy that, in turn teaches them both how to master this mysterious medium.

Initial character cast
Rough sketches of the possible interior and exterior settings where practices of Think Ink take place. I was aiming for a run down looking main entrance and once you walk inside the entire interior is vibrant with corridors, walls and objects constantly warping and changing shape, as if one were to step into a dream. I want to play with  Art deco, Art nouveau and Victorian architectural styles 
I've been sketching characters and concepts for Inkomin since early 2011 and so, rather than leaving these drawings on the shelves I thought presenting them on here would be in order. Along several other artists who may have imagined such abilities I have always wondered what it would be like to take the most prized thoughts and ideas from my mind and bring them into reality. With such powers of course would require focus and control and not to mention a limited resource... Think Ink.
Initial character cast
The Metropolis
The environment for the story. In a city so dull and bland the very inhabitants spend their lives in a never-ending loop, continuing day after day repeating the same menial activities from boarding the local commute to spending hours strapped to an office cubicle only to commute back to the boxes they had awakened from. In this world the ecentric and creative minded remain hidden amongst the white collar and suited masses. A man with an idea wants to change this. And with the invention of a new product, Professor Anon Inkomin gives the creative and artistic a chance to stand out and make a change of scenery to this lifeless city.
Initial character cast
Think Ink
A creative and intellectual genius by the name of Professor Anon Inkomin invents a unique artistic medium; a substance with a texture much similiar to that of ink but differentiated by its lack of specularity and lightweight volume gives Artists the ability to turn mere figments of the imagination into real world objects and characters through a process called Projecting
The process of using Think Ink is called Projecting and it works like this... Simply splatter the Think Ink onto any surface. Whilst making eye contact with the substance, focus on a figment in your mind and be sure it's just the one, for if you start thinking about too many things out at once the projection may not come out as you had expected.
There are those that become so good at projecting figments that some users require little to no attention in order to maintain their creations. Some Artists become so immersed in their own ideas that reality and imagination become one and the same, making it alot easier to control multiple projections.
Sometimes horrific and disasterous creations can appear when a user simply can't focus on the figment in mind due to mental instability or stress. Chances are likely that their projection isn't going to go so well as a Nightmare deforms and mutates a projected figment into a horrific monstrosity conjured from the very own fears of the user. Something as simple as projecting an inanimate object like a chair can unexpectedly distort and mutate into a creature from the users most terrifying dreams. Nightmares are considered powerful and extremely dangerous as they can attack and cannot easily be tamed. 
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