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“Let me share with you the creatures that once belonged to these lands. The creatures of the land, the sky and even the ones from the Murky Sea. I’ve not seen any of them in my lifetime but I still believe they have existed long before the Junk Age.” – Melinda Rivet

Using a combination of Illustrative works, Augmented Reality Overlays and Virtual Reality. Marvels of the Junk Age gives you a glimpse into a fictional future state of the world. A look into a time period set far beyond our own where the lands as we know them are covered in endless mounds of junks and the very creatures we know of today no longer exist. With what little knowledge they have left, the inhabitants of the Junk Age try to recreate these long lost legends through the junk and scraps that surrounds them.

Illustrative Works
Drawn freehand with ballpoint, intricately detailed illustrations are catalogued and documented in a scientific-like manner, accompanied with annotations from Junk Age Inhabitants on how they imagined these animals existed

Augmented Reality 
With the help of mobile devices, viewers are able to see another layer to the artworks and artefacts. When hovering your phone over an artwork, the AR element brings the artwork to life through animation and sound, revealing more detail to the story behind the work.

Take a Journey in Virtual Reality
Developed with Unity 3D, Oculus SDK and accessible via Gear VR or any alternative headset, viewers are taken on a journey to see a glimpse of the Junk Age Storyworld. Experiencing a time where animals are spoken of as mythical legends and what we know about the past has been distorted through the loss of physical knowledge. 



'Before the Junk Age' was a three month VR project, written and animated by myself. The transmedia experience introduces audiences to the storyworld, providing insight into the landscape and atmosphere. Before the Junk Age was featured as part of ACMI's VR Festival late last, Premiered at Melbourne International Game's Week's opening launch and was featured at St. Kilda's Film Festival. 

NOTE: Viewing quality may be enhanced when viewing directly in youtube. 


Exploring the realms of Augmented Reality technology I understand that its applications don't just belong to Tech Industries or Video Games. The technology alone offers up so much more, allowing Artists and Storytellers to communicate their ideas to their audience on a more intimate and engaging level.

Melbourne Knowledge Week
Melbourne State Library

As a featured Artist of Melbourne Knowledge Week I showcased and demonstrated a series of Art and Storytelling works that come alive through Mixed Reality technologies. The aim was to encourage a dialogue between creators from all manners of backgrounds and to encourage a new generation of Artists to embrace AR and VR tech in their work.

Earlier Artwork Activations
Developed with Unity 3D, Oculus SDK and accessible via Gear VR or any alternative headset, viewers are taken on a journey to see a glimpse of the Junk Age. 

'Rememberence of the Seas Turtles'

'Lady Earl Grey and the Cat Sentinel'

'Tea Bombardier'

'Baby Play Suit'


Marvels of the Junk Age started off as a body of bio-mechanical creatures, exhibited around Melbourne as part of Animals Australia's
Charity Auction in support of funding Sea Shepherd. The collection of works has grown overtime, documenting several species from various habitats and annotated by inhabitants of the Junk Age.

Privacy Policy

Virtual and Augmented Reality described technology developed under Artist 'Marc-O-Matic' use Software development kits in association video game engine, Unity 3D and may require additional permissions on particular devices in order to correctly function.
See for more information on Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality Functionality
Prototype build, 'Moving Marvels' is an Augmented Reality application that enables users to reveal additional animated content via selected illustrated works. Functionality requires permissions access to a mobile device's rear camera and uses Vuforia's SDK to map out projections. No personal information or account details are required to access this feature. 'Moving Marvels' is a utility which does not does not sell, give, or trade the statistics they store to any 3rd parties for data-mining or marketing purposes.

Effective 15/03/2017

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