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Sundae Drive

Sundae Drive was a game idea Andrew Jacobs and myself came up with about a year ago and has since been under development after a motivating conversation we shared:
Marco-'Would you like to make this a game Andrew?
Andrew- 'Sure.' 
The player takes control of an Ice cream truck. Fitted with an assortment of cannons on top of the truck's roof, the player must fire a variety of flavours at oncoming pedestrians in order keep the truck's fuel up whilst avoiding oncoming obstacles on the road. From kids and 9 to 5 workers to hipsters, soccer mums, ninjas, knights, grannies, doll bludgers, bogans, physicians, optometrists, skaters, musicians, politicians, robots and the housewives of melbourne, no pedestrian can escape the delicious wrath of the Sundae Driver. 

Initial character cast
Work in Progress for PAX showcase!

30 March 2014

Andrew and myself are very excited to announce that our game has gotten into the Indie game showcase at Melbourne's second Penny Arcade Expo this year! Many an Exclammation mark to be had. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After hearing the great news we've been working morning, day, toilet breaks and night to create all manners of ridiculous assets from an assortment of pedestrians, ridiculous obstacles and awkward sound effects;  we're very excited to have this game at a stage where we can get as many testers onto it as possible!


Initial character cast
Initial character cast
Initial character cast
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